Automotive Rim & Tire Sales

Are you looking for automotive tires and rims for sale in McLean, VA? If so, California Tint is here to help!

Custom Order Tires and Rims

Our tire technicians work closely with our customers to find the right personalized solution for their needs. Whether you know what type of tires and rims you prefer, or you’re looking for expert advice in your quest to find the wheels that suit your vehicle perfectly, we help you find the right fit for your vehicle.

Tire rims play an integral role in stabilizing your vehicle, as they keep your tires in place, help leverage your vehicle and reduce friction while you’re turning your wheels. In order to enjoy a smooth ride, it’s essential you have the right rims for your vehicle.

Of course, rims can also provide distinct aesthetic appeal to your vehicle and provide it with a splash of panache that separates it from other cars on the road. Choosing rims for your vehicle is a very fun process!

Tire Repairs and Other Services

In addition to helping our customers find the right tires and rims for their vehicle, California Tint also offers tire mounting, repairs, and patching services. If your tire or tires are giving you issues, don’t wait on correcting the problem as it could put you at risk when you drive your vehicle. Instead, take it to one of our tire technicians and we will fix it for you and have your tires spinning smoothly again.

For more information about the custom tires and wheels we have for sale in McLean, VA, or to make an appointment to get your tires fixed, contact us at your convenience.