Window Tinting Information, Benefits & Laws

Benefits of Window Tinting:

Tinting windows helps reduce visible light (as indicated in percentages above) from entering through a window which increases privacy.

In addition to reducing visible light, window tinting dramatically reduces solar energy penetration which reduces heat. Finally, ultra violet light “UV” that causes damage to materials including fading in vehicles is reduced by window tinting.

Visible Light Reduction:

We offer our performance tint brands in several tint levels. The percentage indicated is the amount of visible light that enters through the window.

The most common tint levels are between 30-50%; 35%, for example, indicates that 65% of the light is prevented from getting through the window and 35% of the light is allowed, see the sample image below for examples of tint levels.

Window Tinting Applications

California Tint is highly trained and experienced in multiple applications including:

  • Automotive: Cars, Trucks & SUVs
  • Recreational: Campers, 5th Wheels & Motorcycles
  • Industrial: Tractors & Work Equipment
  • Residential: Home heat reduction & privacy
  • Commercial: Office Spaces, Stores & Warehouses
  • Marine: Boats & Watercraft

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