Professional Window Tinting Services & Removal

At California Tint, we have expertise and experience in a wide range of tinting applications ranging from automotive to recreational vehicles to industrial vehicles.

We also specialize in residential tinting, corporate tinting and other large tinting applications — if it can be tinted, we can do it! Below we provided our typical tint brand selection, benefits of window tinting information, visible light reduction chart as well as some helpful links to web sites that describe tinting laws for Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia.

Typical Tinting Selections:

We can special order just about any tinting or window canvas application you desire for your project. The vast majority of our customers simply want to add privacy, reduce glare, darken harsh sunlight and reduce heat in their vehicles.

For most customers, one of our four premium tint brands provide exactly what they’re looking for. Once you know which level of tint you are interested in, you simply need to select the darkness in that category and we can provide you a quote for your vehicle.

Contact the California Tint today to get your custom quote on any of our professional window tinting services!